Video of Sarah

Monday, June 23, 2008

mama love taking video of me.

a trip to lowyat

Aunt myra's laptop can't be used, so papa send it back to lowyat to be repaired.

zoom zoom, on my way to lowyat in papa's knight rider.

papa n mama is very hungry so we stopped at the food court first. i don't like stopping so i kept growling. arr arr..

Sarah : a day with papa

Papa is on leave for 3-weeks, so he's gonna take care of me while mama is at work.

Papa bathe me and dress me up. so terrer la my papa nih.

Random Photo 3

Friday, June 13, 2008

wif tok ma & tok wan @ Subang airport

my thinking sleeping position

my roll over pose

cutting my hair,holding me is tok ma while mama taking this picture.

I'm bald~~

[before] with my full hair, fringe done by tok ma

no~! no~! don't touch my head~!

Visiting Aunt Batrisyia & Aunt Zara

I'm 3 months old now :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Before [pic] : Special pose from me :)

After [pic] : I'm on my way with papa to send mama to her office. It was raining heavily so mama can't ride her scooter to work.

More picture updates later :P.

Azrin's Look-alike Meter

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Pedigree chart - Dynasty

New Baby Looney Tunes Stroller

Monday, June 2, 2008

my first pose in my new blue stroller - i tried to give rock sign but my hands is just too fast for mama's camera

mama, i'm hungwy now. can i have my milk-milk pwease?

tok ma fed me - yummy~!!
she had to hold my hands because as i keep trying to grab hold to the bottle, i kept pushing it away from my mouth.

now i am tired, zzz~~

Mama bought me a new light-weight stroller which fits into kancil, AND even in papa's bat mobile! It's not she doesn't like the one that uncle Hafiz bought me - it just too big (and quite heavy too) - it can't fit into papa's car. maybe when we buy a new (and bigger car) I'll use that one later. OK uncle? luv ya muacksss

Majlis Bercukur Jambul

Majlis Cukur Jambul + Doa Selamat

Date : 1st June 2008

Venue : Kajang

Time : 11.30am

papa mithali cuba nak tenteramkan sarah yang mengantuk

aksi macho dari dua 'pak su' -dari kiri : hasif dan aiman

bunga rampai & bekas untuk letak rambut

semasa majlis - sarah menangis!! cuak papa kejap -tok wan tengok saje saya nangis.. tapi, syhhh saya ada rahsia ~~

lepas majlis, belum sempat saya bagitau mama ~ mama dah tau - saya 'busyuk' heheh :P sebab tu saya nangis - geli muntut arrrr...

pastu saya ngantuk - ni papa ngah dodoikan saya - ensem tak papa saya?

posing ngan papa n mama - eh, apa tu?

ehm, mama ~ nape kak mimin amek kipas saya?

lepas majlis, papa kena outstation - uwaaa...saya windu papa saya

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