Gift from Tok Ma & Tok Wan

Friday, May 23, 2008

look tok, am i pretty in purple :)

look! i can lift my head now!

i love to smile :)

Derek, my light buddy

this is derek, my light buddy. he always glow for me when i cry at nite. psst...derek, people are watching, behave yourself.

we love to play hugs and punch. pose,derek! mama is taking pictures of us..

my rattle set

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

look what mama bought for me, a lamaze rattle set. kawaii-ne??? now i have a butterfly & a bee sitting on my hands, two cute beetle on my legs :)
she also bought me light buddy, derek the deer but mama forgot to take its picture.

I got my first shot!

papa & mama had to go to work. Opah & Atuk took me to Al Zahra Specialist in Bandar Baru Bangi but they told opah they didnt do cumm shot, so the next day atuk took me to Klinik Kesihatan Semenyih instead. I cried when the nurse shot me. so painful. i got fever. i miss my mama & papa too. atok didnt take any picture of me. when mama got home, i told her what happened, and i cried for milk milk. poor me. ;(

my next shot is on the 12th june 2008. oh no!

Tok Ma & Tok Wan

Friday, May 9, 2008

a day before mama back to work, she took me to see tok ma and tok wan at felda new zealand. aunty myra and aunty leha tagged along.

i'm wearing baby suits that tok ma bought for me. it has a cute teddy at its tag. i'm full and sleepy - i slept most of the way. mama is driving.

@ paklong's house. we arrived safely. thank GOD.

i'm so happy to see tok ma and tok wan. nenek is also there. and tok lang and pak su aiman. im soooo happy :D

after lunch, all of us went back to nenek's house. i'm enjoying my slumber beside tok wan.. zzz

ups..i'm so sexy!!

Mama's first day back to work

Mama back to work, so i'm staying with my opah in Kajang.
Papa sent me to her house, 7am in the morning!... early.
I still need my beauty sleep and mama's warm milk :(

my nap time zzz

Sarah went to tesco!

getting ready for my first trip to tesco, mama want to buy me musical toy she said.

i'm tired, i went around and around in the trolley. after my milk, i'm so sleepy~~~

now papa took me to jusco equine.

mama and papa, they are so hungry after shopping, now at pizza..waiting for our meals. but mine is free~~~ hehehe mama's yummy milk.

while papa & mama enjoying their meals, i'm enjoying my dreamzzzzz.....

mama vs sarah

this is me when i was little.

this is sarah, do we look a like ? :P

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