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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sarah Imanina [18months]
Shahaziq Iman [4months]
Why I choose this picture : 
Sarah was taken cared by my mother in law, while haziq was sent to nursery nearby our house. Everyday, after work, the whole family is reunited at home. Sarah will climb down from her car seat in her papa's car, rushing into the house looking for his brother. "Mama,.. ajiq? ajiq?" and when she saw him, she will play peek-a-boo and tried to lift his brother although she was unable to do so. 
Mama : Sarah! Smile!
*Sarah suddenly hugged her brother in such way, while Haziq is caught by surprise by his sister's action.
I really adore this picture.


Title :

How to enter...
1. Be a FOLLOWER of ComfyBebe at
2. Be a FOLLOWER of MOBS at
3. Choose your best children's SIBLING photo and BLOG about it on your blog. Tell us a bit about why you chose the pic with your kids name and ages (min 2 kids)
4. Make sure it has a back link to both MOBS & ComfyBebe blogs
5. Leave a comment on MOBS with your name, email and blog link
(very important!!)
6. Make sure you add this on your sideblog with a backlink to

There will be
4 main PRIZES but depending on no of entries, there might be more :)
So hurry !! Send in your entries now !!

Zoobie Pets
Poallu the Polar Bear + Baby worth RM134.90

Consolations Prizes :
Envirosax Bags
and more

Contest runs till 31st August 2009

Happy Contesting
Have Fun !! 

Video : Haziq

Sarah pun buka puasa juga

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Juadah sarah, potato wedges & chicken nugget

nota kaki : esok paginya dia ngan haziq pun bangun sahur sesame, makan nasi lagi. tapi tak amek gambar sebab nagntuk (-_-")

Bila tudung dan topi.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sarah jumpa topi yg tokma kaitkan.. Dan tudung mama

Hai,saya kakak Haziq!

Saya kakak haziq,saya suka buli haziq.^;-)^

Hai, saya haziq! <3

Saya comel dan ensem. Macam tokwan saya.

Bila ...

Bila x jumpa 'ting (puting) nya, kotak avent mama digeledah. Ini pun jadi lah. ( -_-")

Budak ini sudah 3bulan

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ni demam kena cucuk

Bila sudah penat berparty

Venue: taman puncak saujana

Senaman : Step-by-step

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gambar sensasi dan terhangat!

ini bathtub kakak saya.
saya share dengan kakak saya.
tapi sudah sempit.
nak minta mama belikan yang baru.
boleh mama?

Steakhouse Gathering!

@bayou, alamanda
9 pax + 1 cute toddler + 1 super baby

 dessert pictures taken, because it was gone as soon as it arrive! mudcakes, creme caramel and hot choc cake..

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