Sarah's trip to Tioman

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

on my way to tg gemok, i was so tired i ended up sleeping all the way..

@ kong jing hotel. mama, i want my milk-milk or i eat my toes... :P

@ tg gemok. met tok ma and... is it pak su man ? he's wearing glasses~!!!!!! i could'nt recognize him straight away...

it was raining heavily when we got to tioman, so we waited in tok wan's office for a while.

Sarah ke Kenduri Kahwin~!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pak Su Man came to Shah Alam for a short time. i gave him a visit.

me love to eat - -

i love eating. mama gave me rusk biscuit, raisins, rice porridge with anchovies... nyum - - nyum - -
can you see my two new teeth??

Sarah demam - -

i wasn't feeling very well due to the hot and dry weather. mama put on a koolfever to keep my temp down. i even cant keep my hands up to hold my milk bottle.

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