Sarah trip to Bird Park Open Aviary, Tasik Perdana KL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After waking up from her sick-ly beauty sleep, she throw a temper tantrum of wanting to go out and drive. So looking at her pity eyes, we took her to Bird Park, KL.

Ups, sorry papa..mama's handphone viewfinder is too small (thee he he..). now papa is headless :P (how can on this day mama forgot to pack digicam ~!!!!)

uh- mama look~!!! a male peacock!!..uhh ohhh..(sarah making baby sound)

ok sarah and papa! another pose for mama pweeeessss! (sarah looking all happy and cheerful to get out of the house :) )

after a while, there's a small kiosk selling ice cream at normal price (!! - yes, normal price - you can get that at zoo negara - blergh)...papa and mama were craving for cornetto but only found nestle's. after paying only they saw the cornetto freezer at the other side of he kiosk (sigh ~~). sarah sharing her sweet tooth with papa, mama's is too sourish for me :)

two parrot were playing peek-a-boo with sarah

sarah! say cheese! eh, where's mama? sarah is looking at fowls that wondering freely around us.

on our way back, there's a fish pond with lotsa koi's. sarah fed the fish cheezel.. syhhh don't let the caretaker see us....we spend almost two hours in the bird park. mama says she like here better than zoo negara, it much cleaner here (except for the smelly waterfall - where all the swans, flamingos and storks are). we are coming back for sure!

next, we're going to the butterfly farm. alamak papa! it's already6pm! it's closed already~~awww...

Sarah Sakit

tatau la kenapa ngan sarah. pergi Al- Zahraa bangi, doc kata kena viral infection. sebab the day before, mama and papa purging and vomiting.
kesian sarah, muntah2 dan tak lalu makan...tapi masih mau tersenyum dan main.

ni hari kedua dia start demam after purging and vomiting. slightly purging, less vomiting. sarah terlampau penat sampai senang aje tertido. susu pun tak berapa lalu walaupun dah dicairkan. tgk tu...kesian sarah.

Sarah Balik Tioman

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

masa mula sampai kat tioman...

selamat hari raya aidil adha

epi early besday untuk paksuman ngan tokma,epi belated besday untuk tokwan ngan makngah, choc indulgence from zen,sr

trip to marine park. sarah bg ikan makan roti tau

time nak balik...

bile dah sampai rumah...

pukul 6 pagi

Thursday, December 4, 2008

macam biasa,pagi-pagi sarah akan kejut mama & papa untuk pergi kerja

epi besday papa!

back dated post :25 Nov 2008

sarah kekenyangan makan kek - tido

mama belikan papa chocolate ice cream cake..
sarah tolong potong and makan..
sehingga terangkat kening~~ :P

Sarah tolong mama kemas rumah

mama ni, ape la susun cd tak betul...
toys sarah kena letak sini lah....

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